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My name is Miyabi, the owner of the Cardano stake pool “MIYABI KYOTO”. I’m a university student and have been living in Kyoto for 22 years.

In this article, I will introduce our stake pool’s project.


MIYABI KYOTO [MYB] is a Cardano stake pool of Kyoto-Miyabi Fund, which supports traditional industries in Kyoto (Japan). “Miyabi” is one of the traditional Japanese aesthetic words, translated as “elegance” or “refinement”.

20% of the stake pool operator’s reward is allocated to the Kyoto-Miyabi Fund. The total amount of the fund will be shown transparently on this page.

*Since it is 20% of the “operator’s” reward, your staking reward does not decrease at all.

When donating Ada directly becomes available in the future, the fund will be used to support traditional industries in Kyoto, which are facing a crisis due to lack of human resources and raw materials.

We believe in the future of Cardano and traditional industries in Kyoto. We are delighted to be able to contribute not only to the decentralization of Cardano blockchain, but also to the local industry in Kyoto by operating our staking pool.

In addition to the donations, we will also work to offer information on traditional industries in Kyoto. Please follow our twitter account!

Stake Pool Fee

For everyone who cooperates with our project by delegation, each fee is fixed at the minimum number. We will not raise fees at all.

  • Fixed Cost : 340ADA
  • Margin : 0%

Pool Infrastructure

In order to stabilize block generation, we use virtual private servers with ample specifications (CPU8Core, memory 16GB, SSD1600GB) and monitor the server status using tools such as Prometheus and Grafana.

How to Stake?

If you would like to delegate to us, please search with “myb” or “miyabi” in the official Cardano wallet (Daedalus wallet / Yoroi wallet) and delegate to [MYB] MIYABI KYOTO.

Thank you for your delegation!