ADA Gift Campaign

Thank you for visiting our website!
We’re having a gift campaign to celebrate the launch of MIYABI KYOTO🎁

We will give up to 1000 ADA to all those who delegate ADA to our stake pool!
Gift amount depends on your delegation size.

Delegation(ADA) Gift(ADA)
100~499 2
500~999 5
1,000~2,499 8
2,500~4,999 15
5,000~7,499 20
7,500~9,999 25
10,000~24,999 30
25,000~49,999 70
50,000~74,999 120
75,000~99,999 160
100,000~249,999 200
250,000~499,999 400
500,000~749,999 600
750,000~999,999 800
1,000,000~ 1,000

Those who have already delegated to us are also eligible for gifts!

If you have delegated to our stake pool, please contact MIYABI KYOTO’s official twitter account and send us a direct message with following three.

  • Date and time of delegation
  • Amount of delegation
  • An address for receiving the gift

Application deadline is July 31, 2021.
You can receive the gift if you continue delegating to us until August 31, 2021.

For everyone who cooperates with our project by delegation, each fee is fixed at the minimum number. We will not raise fees at all.

  • Fixed Cost : 340ADA
  • Margin : 0%

We are also working to support traditional industries in Kyoto, Japan. Please click here for details of our project!

If you have any questions or concerns about staking, feel free to contact us on Twitter!